No Matter how Industrially advanced the world gets, agriculture will always retain its pre-eminent position Because to feed over a billion mounts, there’s simply no other alternative but to depend on the bounty of the earth.
Phyto Chem was born in 1989 with the mission to make available the latest and best in pesticides for farmers benefit and to strengthen the hands of farmers. To make sure their toil and hard work does’nt go waste. And to bring about harvest that yield prosperity to the sons of the soil.
It is this philosophy that has led us to go all out to support, encourage and reinforce the sprit of those who plough, sow and reap the munificence of the fertile land.
Green revolution changed the face of Indian agriculture. But still the ‘Per Acre Yield’ is very low when compared to that of other countries. One of the major reasons for this is poor crop protection. According to the estimates, Indian annually loses Crores worth of food grains and other agriculture produce due to crop damage by pests and insects. Much of this can be easily avoided by the judicious use of pesticides. Unfortunately, India’s consumption of pesticides remains one of the lowest in the world.
Phyto  Chem strives to correct this imbalance. And carve its own distinct niche in the rapid growing Indian as well as overseas market.